When I try to define myself the only complete description is “Venetian,” what I am and what I do can be found in the links inside this site. Because it is difficult to explain myself in words, with just a few words.

The website
This website has changed shape over time. Initially it was related to my work as a technical graphic designer and then also as an editorial/advertising graphic designer. Then the work took other destinations and the idea remained to use it as a showcase for the professional activity as a designer that I never completely stopped.
But over the years I had abandoned it.
It always started again as a personal showcase but with something no longer related to the work, but always an image of who I am. And I have always been at the bottom.

The domain
I understand that the “genius” idea of combining the first two letters of my first name with my last name, in an attempt to simplify my identity on the web (, turned out to be a bit of a trap instead. Because verbally it is difficult, at least in Italian, to get the proximity of M and N in “eMNovo” across. I like things that are not very obvious, though, so I decided to keep it.

The logo
When the site was related only to my professional activity the logo was not there, or rather, it was a logotype, with simply written what it was, that is, “EmNovo,” meaning me. Needing to start again with something more personal but also social-friendly, at least in usage, I thought of creating the current design. I wanted to give some order to the M and the N, separating them. But I also wanted to make it clear that essentially the M can also be omitted and read “E Novo.” Although actually the M is kind of the key to my name, Emmanuel, with double M.

And then there is the red dot that, to close the circle a little bit on this descriptive page, goes to say that I am Venetian. The red in this case does not represent the “Serenissima” Republic but the eye of a little black-necked grebe (podiceps nigricollis), an aquatic diving birds that populates the lagoon in winter and sympathetically often follows me on my solitary rowing sessions.